Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The "Bird in the Bush" Trick

Read what's inside the triangle below (aloud):

Did you say, "The bird in the bush" or "The bird in the the bush"?

The "Carrot" Trick

in this trick, you will need to write "carrot" on a scratch piece of paper and fold it. Next, you give the paper to whomever you are pulling the trick on. Don't let them look inside! Now, tell them that you are going to make them say what you wrote down. (it's for suspense) After that, tell them that they need to quickly recite, starting with 5, numbers adding a five at the end until they reach 555,555. for example:
right after they have done this, quickly ask them: NAME A TYPE OF VEGETABLE!!!
It can mess up, but most people will say carrot.
Don't know why, but if anyone does, contact me.
After they guessed the vegetable, let them open the piece of paper and i hoped it worked.

"Carrot" Trick

"Carrot" Trick